Privacy Policy

For MoonPhase Modern (Windows 8 version), 22 June 2013

Neither MoonPhase (the app) nor RomanDuck (the company) attempts to keep any personally identifiable info about the app’s users.

A location is required by MoonPhase to provide accurate rise and set times. The location is not shared with anyone by MoonPhase or RomanDuck (well, except when it’s displayed on the screen as part of the app operation). You may use the device’s location services to configure this location for you and to do so you must provide consent. You may revoke this consent at any time.

Any support requests received by email are generally kept intact but not used for anything other than resolving the support requestor’s issue.

We do use the embedded Bing map for Windows 8 Store Apps (and its Privacy policy can be found here:

We do participate in the telemetry data collection feature of the Windows Store Apps. If you participate in the Microsoft Customer Experience Improvement Program (, telemetry data (including unexpected app termination) is potentially shared with us.